About Me

As a Psychotherapist, I use a variety of modalities and approaches to treatment.

The relationship with each client is characterized by the uniqueness of each patient’s inner world and language that requires a unique approach tailored for each client to accommodate personal growth.

My philosophy of growth relies on the facts that human beings are rational by nature, knowledge is based on experimental results, life’s meaning is to be found in individuals, and that reality gains meaning through one’s personal explanation of experiences.

My practice focuses on helping individuals to understand and develop a greater understanding of their struggle through cognitive, affective, Behavioural and systematic intervention strategies that address wellness, personal growth and pathology.

Clients acquire a new perception of their issues and learn to employ more effective ways of responding, verbally and behaviorally to problematic situations.

I provide services to children, adolescents and adults with wide range of difficulties including, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, adjustment issues, chronic pain as well as interpersonal and relational difficulties (Please refer to service section for a complete list of services provided).

  • Our therapy sessions teach you the skills that allow you control and learn about your potential anxious, depressed, other mood fluctuations that may not be seen directly by yourself due to symptoms clouding over your personal judgments’ of concerning factors.
  • Our therapy sessions are to teach you and help you understand a set of skills that allows you to see the thoughts that underline your feelings more realistically and help you change the potential behaviour or actions accordingly.
  • Our therapy sessions are to help you over come obstacles in your life and to define your personal goals to find the best path forward to regain a confident and happy you.


Ronak Jamali
Registered Psychotherapist

Please feel free to call us at (289) 812-8138 if you require any further assistance.